Helsinki Airport Introduces Roulette For Passengers

There is nothing as boring and catastrophic as a delayed flight. You not only get to delay your business and probably derail some other people, but you also get to spend a few hour staring out in the sky. And most likely you’re tired and worn out from the previous flight and you want to connect and get to your destination; then the unexpected announcement comes that you have to wait due to some bad weather conditions.

Waiting at the Airport

Whatever the excuse is that the well-spoken airline representative gives, you feel heartbroken and no longer in control. You have to sit back with your bulky luggage and wait. But, how about keeping your hands busy doing something fun? Hmm, how about you walking straight to a slot machine and playing some roulette and forgetting about the delays? This is exactly what Helsinki airport in Finland wants you to spend your time doing. Forget trying to initiate a boring chat with a guy next to you who you don’t even know! This time, there is some roulette waiting for you!

Located at what the officials call the Game Lounge, the electronic roulette machine is only available for about 13 hours a day and restricted only to individuals above 18 years. The lounge, which offers other gambling games including various slot machines, has about nine full time employees. The officials say that this lounge was meant to keep the travellers who come from different locations of the world busy. There are a variety of fascinating games and depending on how this project goes, they are proposing to expand.

The project, which is a pilot project, was launched not only to capture the huge Asian market who love gambling but also to celebrate the Association’s 75th anniversary. The officials say that the money generated from this project go to socially related activities including supporting the war veterans and other humanitarian organizations.

Author: Raoul