Why Pay For Roulette Advice?

By Max Stern

We here at Casino Roulette 101 know how hard it is to get solid roulette advice for free on the internet. It seems the forums and articles about roulette strategy are written by those who are either not knowledgable about the game ( for example, those who believe you can lower the house edge by placing specific bets – this may work in Craps but not in Roulette) or are so preoccupied with superstitious rituals that they can’t tell roulette fact from fiction.

We decided to provide Casino Roulette 101 as a free resource because there are far too many unscrupulous snake-oil salesmen out there looking for a few bucks while promising a fail-proof system. The truth is, if somebody’s promising that you’ll never lose at the roulette table, they would be too busy drinking margaritas on their private island to write a 99c ebook selling their system to others. We provide the most sensible and honest Roulette advice because we know that if you have to pay for Roulette advice, it’s probably worthless. Remember to always use your common sense and question  those systems that don’t make sense to you. Stick with us though, and you’ll come out on top!

Author: Raoul