Roulette and the Fashion World

kristen-stewart-julianne-mooreEverybody knows that celebrities play poker and blackjack. It is common to see pictures of famous people sling cards and poker chips around. However, celebrities play other gambling games as well. This includes the classic gambling game of roulette. The media recently reported on a series of celebrities gambling away at the roulette tables on July 7th. This was done as part of Chanel’s latest fashion show. Beautiful women wore the clothing of the iconic brand while trying their luck at a series of beautiful roulette tables.

Who were the beautiful ladies dressed in gorgeous clothing while playing roulette? One of the celebrities was actress Kristen Stewart. Stewart modeled Chanel eyewear, handbags, and make-up. Reportedly worth over 45 million dollars, this was Stewart’s first time modeling for Chanel. It was not, however, her first time playing roulette! Also present at the roulette tables was the actress Julianne Moore. She wore a custom gown by Chanel. She recently won an Academy Award starring next to Kristen Stewart in the film Ask Alice. Worth over 26 million dollars, Moore had nothing to lose at the roulette tables spread out before the media and fashion critics.

Stewart and Moore spent the day gambling at the roulette tables paying no heed to the hundreds of gawking eyes. They gracefully wore the Chanel clothing and played roulette to the delight to everyone. When was the last time you enjoyed a game of roulette? Did you even know that Chanel used the game to help showcase high fashion? Consider getting involved in a roulette game yourself. You can play online or at a casino. Unlike the celebrities, you don’t even have to wear Chanel to participate. Just come with a little luck and a little bit of skill!

Author: Natasha