Golden Riviera Mobile Casino Review

Golden Riviera Mobile CasinoGolden Riviera Mobile Casino is a creation of Microgaming. It is a mobile application which can be downloaded, and the user needs to register to start playing. Based on the popular Golden Rivera Casino, this mobile version was released last year and has some great games to help players win money like Big Kahuna, Sure Win, and Vegas Downtown blackjack for card players. The online version that was started way back in 2001 has a wide assortment of games and has gained popularity over the years.

Benefits and bonus

To download this gambling mobile application one has to own a Blackberry, Android or iPhone device for all the games and features to work. The Golden Riviera mobile version offers 30 free spins on Game of Thrones and 40 Free Spins on Avalon Slot on the first deposit. If you make three cash deposits in quick succession to increase winning chances on the same day, then you are likely to be given an exciting bonus offer of $€ 1400 to players from different nations. The mobile application has 30 casino games in all including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, video poker that has popular titles like Mermaid millions, Mega Moolah and Major Millions.

Popular game titles

The mobile casino has wide categories of games to meet the preferences of players – including video poker, mobile video slots, table card games and progressive games that increase prize money. Their most popular video slot games are Tomb Raider, Sure Win, Thunderstruck II, Big Kahuna and Burning Desire, Adventure Palace, Agent Jane Blonde, Alaskan fishing and the 5 Reel drive. Players who prefer to try their luck with card games can play roulette and blackjack. Besides the games, the mobile application also has live chat programs to help players with their queries. It also has eCOGRA approval stamp.

Rubicon Casino Croupier Steals Over 16,500 Pounds

A croupier of the Rubicon Casino, which is located in the Temple Street in the centre of Wolverhampton city, stole more than 16,500 pounds. The croupier, Shaun Pace, was a gambling addict; he committed the crime because a losing streak had left in the position of being unable to buy his children any presents for Christmas.

Caught during ‘player tracking’

Rubicon CasinoThe compliance manager of the Rubicon Casino caught the croupier committing the crime during ‘player tracking’ – which involves monitoring both employees as well as customers to ensure that no wrongdoing was being committed. It was found that the Pace, who is 27 years old, was allowing a punter to win irrespective of the wheel spin on the table of roulette that he was based on, according to the prosecutor, Marcus Kraehling-Smith. Mr. Kraehling-Smith said that it was found that even on bets that didn’t win, money was paid.

119 transactions in less than three weeks

Once Pace was caught red handed, the police were notified and they alerted the croupier the very next day while he was at work. Pace then confessed that he had entered into an agreement with a customer and it involved splitting of the profit. A thorough investigation found that one hundred and nineteen transactions had taken place between the Pace and “the customer” between December 13 and New Year’s Day. The total amount of money involved in the transactions was 16,540 pounds. Pace, though confessing to committing the crime, alleged that the amount did not exceed 12,000 pounds, out of which he had only received 1,300 pounds. Mr. Hafeez, who defended Pace, said that at the time, the croupier was in desperate need of money, courtesy of addiction to gambling.

Pace was eventually sentenced to prison for six months and 80 hours of unpaid work. This case goes on to show why one shouldn’t turn gambling into a habit.

Roulette and the Fashion World

kristen-stewart-julianne-mooreEverybody knows that celebrities play poker and blackjack. It is common to see pictures of famous people sling cards and poker chips around. However, celebrities play other gambling games as well. This includes the classic gambling game of roulette. The media recently reported on a series of celebrities gambling away at the roulette tables on July 7th. This was done as part of Chanel’s latest fashion show. Beautiful women wore the clothing of the iconic brand while trying their luck at a series of beautiful roulette tables.

Who were the beautiful ladies dressed in gorgeous clothing while playing roulette? One of the celebrities was actress Kristen Stewart. Stewart modeled Chanel eyewear, handbags, and make-up. Reportedly worth over 45 million dollars, this was Stewart’s first time modeling for Chanel. It was not, however, her first time playing roulette! Also present at the roulette tables was the actress Julianne Moore. She wore a custom gown by Chanel. She recently won an Academy Award starring next to Kristen Stewart in the film Ask Alice. Worth over 26 million dollars, Moore had nothing to lose at the roulette tables spread out before the media and fashion critics.

Stewart and Moore spent the day gambling at the roulette tables paying no heed to the hundreds of gawking eyes. They gracefully wore the Chanel clothing and played roulette to the delight to everyone. When was the last time you enjoyed a game of roulette? Did you even know that Chanel used the game to help showcase high fashion? Consider getting involved in a roulette game yourself. You can play online or at a casino. Unlike the celebrities, you don’t even have to wear Chanel to participate. Just come with a little luck and a little bit of skill!

Tips For Playing Roulette

The word Roulette is derived from French and literally means little wheel. It is a casino game, albeit one with very bad odds. In fact, it is one of worst games that you can bet on in a casino. But, if you really want to take your chances, then there are a few points that you have to keep in mind, both when you play online and when you play offline.

Opt for a European wheel rather than an American wheel, if possible

rouletteRoulette wheels come in two forms: European and American. Your odds improve fairly sharply when you choose to play on a European wheel. You can distinguish between the two types in the following way: the American wheel has a “double zero” along with a “single zero”; the European wheel does not have a “double zero”. Therefore, there are 37 numbers on the European wheel and 38 on the American wheel, with the former giving you better odds.

Choose your bets wisely

It would rather daring and an unnecessary risk for you to bet on just a number. However, you can greatly increase your odds of winning if you bet on colour instead. For example, bet on red or black on every spin. While these “outside bets” usually pay only 1:1, it is a great way to start, especially if you are a beginner.

Another way to play the game is to place two bets on a spin. One of the bets you can place on a particular colour: either red or black. The other bet you can place on a column/row which offers slightly better payout (usually 2:1). Place equal amounts for both bets. Betting this way ensures that you will have covered 26 numbers out of 37 (or 38) whereas betting the previous way will have you covered for only 18 combinations.

AGA Offers Support to Japan to Legalise Casino Gambling

The American Gambling Association or the AGA is offering support to Japan to make casino gambling a legal business. Led by the association’s president and chief executive, Geoff Freeman, the association has offered help by providing information that might help the Japanese government take a better stand on the situation.

American Gambling AssociationMr. Freeman believes that casino operators in the United States will be more than pleased to join Japan as partners and their experience in the sector will certainly be of helpful. The introduction of casino resorts in Japan will provide a gaming and top-notch night-life and entertainment experience to residents and visitors alike, he added.

Casino business and Japan

Several casino gaming firms in the United States have already showed their interest in investing time and money in Japan. If casino gaming is legalised in Japan, MGM International Resorts has planned to collaborate with many leading Japanese companies to build a casino resort worth $10 billion. Another company in Macau, Las Vegas Sands Corp, has also shown interest in entering the casino markets of Japan.

There are many other Asia based casino companies targeting the Japanese market for the same. This is the reason why investment analysts have hinted that Japan could become one of the largest casino markets in Asia.

Legalisation in Japan – still a question

Japan could become the second highest gross revenue generating country in Asia, only behind Macau, if legalisation laws are passed through their parliament. But due to the scheduled end of session on June 24, there are very little chance of Japan starting a casino before the upcoming 2020 Olympic Summer games. The main reason is believed to be Komeito – a junior party that is a part of the Prime Minister’s coalition government. Komeito believes that bringing casinos to Japan will also bring gambling addiction and other social ills for the Japanese society.

Betting Machines Behind British Gamblers Ruin

A recent news item published in Sunday Mail has revealed that gamblers that have been playing with fixed-odds betting machines have lost nearly £ 1.7 billion during last year. Profit figures of Britain’s largest bookmaking firms William Hill and Ladbrokes show good profits from these fixed odd betting machines which are now spread across the high streets of United Kingdom. These FOBT machines or betting terminals offer a wide choice of games like roulette, poker and other card games along with slot machines. In large cities like London and others across Britain these machines make profits of £ 1000 and above every week.

Profits of UK’s top bookmakers last year

FOBT machineBookmaker Ladbrokes stated that its 8966 odd betting machines made profits of around £ 996 every week last year which is an improvement over £ 913 that was made during 2013. Rival booking firm William Hill witnessed a jump in its weekly betting machine collections from £ 897 in 2013 to £939 in 2014. Ladbrokes has stated that the revenues from betting machines have been growing at a steady rate of 5 percent every year which is likely to continue in near future. Both these top bookmaker firms now own nearly half of the 33000 betting machines spread across Britain and the rest are owned by Paddy Power, Coral and Jennings.

Uproar against betting machines

Recent estimates show that nearly £46 billion are staked on these machines across Europe every year. Bookmaker Ladbrokes stated that around £11.8 billion was staked on its terminals in 2014. The addictive nature of these games and the high stakes which urge players to keep betting until they win something is worrying legislatures and social groups alike. The rising concern and outcry has urged bookmakers to make soothing statements that they are working to ensure responsible gambling among patrons by putting up warnings and urging them to set a personal limit on bets.

Visit Online Royal Vegas Casino for New Thrills

Since the Royal Vegas online casino was launched in 2000 with gaming Royal Vegas Onlinesoftware from Microgaming, it has been moving from strength to strength with able support from its customer service division. The site is owned by Fortune Lounge an industry leader from Australia to Canada in online gaming creation and support. The online casino is also available as a mobile application and is compatible to most smartphones. For newcomers the online casino site offers promotional welcome bonus of € 250 on signing up and has regular slots and card games options like poker, blackjack and roulette. The website now offers more than 500 games which can be played online from both smartphones and tablets with high speed broadband connectivity.

Games and awards

The blackjack game variations, which are available on this online portal are not available on some land based casinos either. For blackjack lovers the most popular titles offered by Royal Vegas are several gold series comprising of standard 52 card games followed by games of 8 decks along with option of single and multi-hand games. The other card games like craps, roulette, slots, video poker also have a large and loyal following as Royal Vegas provides a progressive jackpot of Euro one million every year which makes it equally enticing.

Players across geographies

As the Royal Vegas online casino games are available to players across seven nations they can choose their own language too depending on their comfort level. Most blackjack players prefer gold series games which are frequently revamped to retain their aura. First time players of blackjack titles like Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold and Big Five Blackjack can receive signing bonus of around € 1200 so they can start immediately to place their bets. To retain their loyal customers and reward them, Royal Vegas online casino offers rewards programs separately for regulars and VIP level. Customers that refer friends who sign up are given 50 free credits as royalty. With its large clientèle and rapid growth it appears as if it will soon blur experience of playing blackjack at a real casino and online.

PokerStars Drops Roulette in Spain During Christmas

On Christmas Eve, PokerStars disabled access to all roulette and blackjack games on their dot-es domain because of a Spanish law and a minor technical issue.

Not Just Poker

roulette_pokerstarsPokerStars boasts more than 50 million clients worldwide, and throughout the poker world, it is best known for producing the 2003 WSOP champion via an online tournament. PokerStars is not all poker all the time, however. The site also offers casino games, including roulette and blackjack, which its clients can play at no charge or with real money.

Popular in Spain

In fact, those PokerStars roulette games generate a great deal of traffic in the Spanish market. Roulette is popular in Spain, but Spain also has strict laws that govern how online gambling establishments must operate. These regulations often scare off the small operators and result in less competition.

History Unavailable

One such regulation is that players must be able to access their game history directly from within the game room. A small operator may have to adjust their software to accommodate the regulation, which is why many do not. Big companies like PokerStars can, but on Christmas, a minor technical glitch caused that history to become unavailable. The history was available elsewhere on the website and in the software client but not directly in the roulette and blackjack rooms.

A Quick Decision

Games were immediately suspended, and a note was sent to players who were in the middle of a game alerting them to the situation and informing them that the integrity of the games was never an issue. This decision is likely causing PokerStars millions of dollars in revenue each day, but the potential penalties could exceed those losses.

Online Casino Bet365 to Host a Roulette Rewards Tournament

Online casino giant Bet365 announced a rewards tournament in November this year with a £3,000 payout for top players. Roulette is a popular game at casinos all over the world, and that makes such tournaments extremely popular and well-attended. Bet365 being one of the most popular iGaming websites in the world, helps attract even more crowds than other similar tournaments.

Bet365 rewards tournament makes big news

bet365The roulette tournament was high on expectations as it promised rewards simply for participating the in the tournament. The more you played, the more you would be rewarded was the mantra of this event. The top 40 players of the day were awarded a share of the prize money, with the first prize amounting to £500.

As per the rules: every £10 that you wager would earn you a comp point, which meant the more you played, the more comp points you would earn. The casino rewarded players with a bonus of £25 on reaching 400 points. There was no upper limit on the number of players eligible to be awarded the amount as long as they met the content requirements. It attracted more players to the event, as they could stack up their comp points and make some bonus while at it.

Bet365 has five different kinds of roulette that you can choose from – Multi-wheel Roulette, Roulette Pro, Mini Roulette, Premium European Roulette and a special Marvel Roulette for all their Marvel fans.

What is Bet365?

Bet365 is an iGaming website and the company was founded in the year 2000 by Denise Coates. It is registered in Gibraltar. It runs its sports betting under a UK license and regulation, and its casino and iGaming under the government of Gibraltar. Since then, it has slowly and steadily grown to be one of the biggest and strongest websites in the online casino and iGaming sector.

The websites hosts over 200 games with roulette, blackjack, and a few other games available in the live play option as well.

Increased Interest in Roulette: Increased Activity Online

It’s no secret that the invention of online gambling sites has increased the amount of gambling that is done in the world over the past several decades. However, one specific gambling craze that seems to be driving gaming trends up online faster than ever is American Roulette.

RouletteWhile roulette is a game of chance rather than skill that has been portrayed in pop culture for ages, it’s one that people would traditionally go seeking out at a casino. However, it does seem to be a game that has transferred to the internet with great success. The rates of online gaming in the United Kingdom have been increasing exponentially since 2007 according to the British Gambling Prevalence Survey taken and reported in 2010. The growth trends reflected in the survey as of 2010 have only continued throughout the past four years.

Because the activity level and “strategizing” is relatively minimal with a game such as roulette, it lends itself to becoming a wonderfully mindless game to partake in while multitasking at work, home, or school. The trends of roulette and online gambling increasing hand in hand is something which has been noticed by many. Some of those who are concerned about increasing rates of problem gambling site the ease with which online gambling can be done in public places (often covertly) as a main contributing factor.

However, for those who gamble responsibly, the existence of online roulette is one which allows for a lovely escape after a long day of work. The American Roulette trend has caught on to the extent that there are now even lists, rankings, and gaming chat room debates over which sources and online casinos provide the best experiences and odds for those specifically seeking out roulette. And that specific field has ever-changing leaders in the industry.

Whether for better or for worse, there certainly seems to be a new home for American Roulette. That home is in the online gaming sites visited by British gamblers from all across the country. And it doesn’t look like that’s about to change anytime soon.