That Moment When You Realize the Roulette Ball Has Jacko’s Hair

There are fans that love celebrities and then there is the gambling website Online Gambling Pal. You may have heard about the news already and if you haven’t let us assure you we’re not kidding! It is true. There’s a roulette ball out there which is made up of Michael Jackson’s hair.

roulette ballThe online gambling site bought some of Jacko’s curly locks that were being auctioned off at a charity event and then devised a plan to pay tribute the King of Pop, in a rather unusual way – by turning it into a roulette ball. The things fans do!

Not just for the show – the special roulette ball is for the go too

In its official statement to the press, the gambling website spoke of its adventures in the auction and how it planned to make a roulette ball, as a unique way to immortalise the pop legend. The ball will not just sit there looking pretty. It will be used at roulette tables. Operators of the website promised to match the highest standards of construction while making the ball so that it can be used at any roulette table in any casino.

You know you want to beat it!

The auction was put together by Gotta Have Rock & Roll, an online merchant of memorabilia. The hair was “collected” from the hotel room of Jackson after he stayed at the Carlyle Hotel New York to participate in the charity event. Collected or fished out of the shower drain is anybody’s guess!

The auction, held in the December of 2012 took a thrilling turn when a large number of Jacko fans began bidding for the memorabilia. The auction that started with an initial bid of a $1000, ended with Online Gambling Pal making the winning bid of $10,871.

The website has also invited interested casino owners to contact for permission to use the Michael Jackson roulette ball at their casino tables. Considering just how lucky the King of Pop is for gamblers, what could go wrong when playing with the ball that has been made from his hair?

Author: Natasha