Expansion of Intertain Group, a Win for Investors?

When 2014 ends, it is estimated that City of Richmond will be afloat on cash amounting to $147 million. This money, which started accruing from 2004, is sourced from the 10 per cent taking from net revenues of River Rock Casino and Resort. The cut is provincially mandated and is a lodestone of public cash. In 2014 alone, it is expected that the city will vacuum up a staggering $20 million.

Astoundingly large amounts and utilization

Riverrock Hotel

The City of Richmond will be lying atop reserves of $24 million and not-allocated revenue from gaming. This gives rise to the query of what the city intends to do with such a huge amount of money and who is the key person to make the decision to spend it?

The money has been utilized in the past by the city to fund its big and shiny capital projects and also contribute to its reserves. The list of big projects includes two fire halls, future Minoru pool and Richmond Olympic Oval. A seniors’ center was also built. By the end of 2014, the oval will be responsible for about 33 percent of total gaming expenditures. This has happened since 2004, when the River Rock first opened its doors. Richmond has spent about $39.1 million or 26 percent on a number of capital projects. These include Cambie and Steveston fire halls.


The flipside is that the casino is a magnet for crime. In fact, both local and national media has reported about $24 million value of dubious transactions took place at River Rock during the March to June period in 2014. The transactions list included big withdrawals and deposits, most of which consisyed of $20 bills, a standard mode of transaction among organized crime syndicates and drug dealers.

The city council has earmarked about $5 million every year for the subsequent 10 years for the funding of the seniors center complex and new Minoru pool. The list of other yearly expenditures includes $600,000 for more RCMP officers from the $1.4 million kitty collected every year.


Roulette History and Trivia

The casino game know as roulette originated in France sometime during the latter part of the 17th century and means “little wheel.” Play typically involves the operator or croupier turning the wheel on the roulette table in one direction then placing a small ball in the outer wheel that spins in the opposite direction. The ball eventually falls into the central wheel that features black and red numbered pockets. Players place bets on which compartment the ball will land.

Tables in Europe vs. U.S.A.

rouletteHowever, not all wheels on roulette tables are the same. In Europe, wheels feature 36 numbers and one pocket bearing a zero. In the United States, wheels have 36 numbers, one zero pocket and a double zero pocket. This extra zero compartment provides the house with an extra advantage of 5.26 percent. Players may turn the odds in their favor by making a five-number wager simultaneously.

There are no sure fire roulette strategies that ensure a win. Though fun and exciting, and a chance to meet new people, the game remains a gamble at best. Roulette pro’s suggest choosing outside pockets that may include red/black, high/low or odd/even combinations. Playing the columns having 12 numbers also increases the odds of winning.

Little Known Trivia Facts

* The phrase “raking it in” originated in European casinos where croupiers used actual rakes to pull in or push out chips.

* Albert Einstein reportedly made a trip to Las Vegas and was hear exclaiming that the only way that one might win at the game was to steal money from the table when the croupier was not looking.

* The Central Casino, located in Mar del Plate, Argentina, is the largest in South America and has 102 roulette wheels.

* The diamond-shaped deflectors on roulette wheels are called “canoes” because of their upside down shape and appearance.

* Gaming regulators test wheels by putting the devices through 10,000 spins, which ensures compliance and randomness.

Reef Hotel Casino to Be Taken Over By Fung

Chief Executive of Aquis, Justin Fung is all set to transform his acquisition, Reef Hotel Casino into what can be called a smaller version of Aquis. Both the companies are based in Cairns. With an investment of around $270 million, Fung has charted out his plan of going ahead with the redevelopment of the casino. Initially there were reports of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission opposing the takeover, but the commission voted in its favour.

Reef Hotel Casino

Luxurious plans

Aquis is well-known for its premium service and luxurious ambiance. Fung intends on adding the same charm in the Reef Hotel Casino. The redevelopment will cost the company around $8 billion, most of which will be directed towards giving a rich grandeur to the casino. Fung said that he not just wants to take the luxury element in Aquis a few notches higher, but also make sure that people get to have fun there. He mentioned that the improvement process will begin once the company gets approval from certain departments including the Foreign Investment Review Board. He expects to get all the required approvals by the year-end and plans on starting the construction in 2015.

Attracting foreign visitors

By adding on the facilities provided at the casino and giving it a richer look, Fung aims to attract more foreign visitors to the place. Given the lump sum amount of investment, he will have to focus on VIP customers from overseas as only they will be able to help Reef in earning a high return. However, presently, most customers who make the rounds to the casino belong to the domestic non-VIP category. They tend to place their bets quite low as they cannot afford to take huge risks, unlike the high rollers.

The Chief Executive of Reef Hotel Casino, Allan Tan expressed his happiness over the ACCC’s ruling in favour of the takeover. He also added that he is confident about Aquis receiving acceptance from 90 percent of the unit holders. Following the ACCC’s ruling, the stock price of the casino has already gone up.

Sky Launching Online Casino Offering

Online Casino Offer

The most influential media company in the United Kingdom, Sky Broadcasting, looks to be giving their gambling portfolio an upgrade. After the incredible success of Sky Bet, they are launching a Sky Casino site. This website will offer residents of the U.K. the opportunity to play casino games such as blackjack, craps, slots and much more.

In an attempt to get new users to sign up, Sky is offering a significant deposit bonus. Their initial offering will entail a 20 pound welcome bonus, with no strings attached, in addition to a 100% bonus going up to 500 pounds. If a player submits more than 500 pounds when they sign up, they are eligible for a further 50% bonus of 500 on the rest of their deposit. You would have to deposit 1500 pounds to get the full 1020 pound bonus.

The casino will be running the popular Playtech software for their online games. Their offering is set to include blackjack, baccarat, roulette; live hold em, and video poker. They will have more than 50 different slot games. These games will be available from August 2014 on computers, smartphones, and tablets. They can be played on Android, Windows and Apple devices.

Designed for players that live in Britain, it may be possible for non-UK members to sign up if their credit/debit card allows for GBP withdrawals and deposits. The Sky Casino offering is set to work in tandem with their existing gambling products: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Poker, and Sky Bingo.


It may be difficult for Sky to break into an online casino market that already has a lot of companies. However, the trust between Sky and their customers is very high. Unlike most online casino companies, Sky is a billion pound brand that offers everything from high definition television to sports to internet connections.

Customers know that a casino offered by Sky would be of the highest quality. For this reason, along with the great sign up offers, Sky Casino should be able to make inroads into the online casino market. The introduction of live games will also prove a masterstroke from Sky Casino.

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Bet You Didn’t Know About The Roulette We’re Talking Of

There is no dearth of gaming options available to online players today. In fact, virtually identical selections of internet gambling software are now being offered by online casinos and bookmakers. However, the roulette played at the premises of bookmakers or in their websites is not considered to be the actual game.


What does that mean?

Roulette can be played in a number of bookmaker establishments, but its rules considerably vary from the traditional version of the game. Instead of placing your money or chips on a specific colour before the spin, you are required to write your numbers on a betting slip and give it to your attendant. After this, the wheel is spun on the screen at the assigned time, complete with the virtual ball falling into a specific number. This method of playing circumvents both gaming and gambling laws, making it different from the real roulette.

Players place bets on the wheel instead of playing the game, and this is the technical definition of gambling. Owing to this deviation, a gaming license for bookmaker roulette is not mandatory and is simply covered in the establishment’s permit.

How it compares to regular roulette

In regular roulette, the game activities are required to be hosted in a licensed casino. The tax implications of this game are widely different from those of bookmaker roulette. Each bet in bookmaker roulette attracts a taxation of 1% while standard roulette operators are required to pay a VAT of 23%, placing casinos at a disadvantage. While the actual terms and conditions of playing roulette may not be very different, the placement of bets and other finer details of the game can be very beneficial to alternate settings like bookmaking.

The situation is similar for gaming arcades and bookmakers for slot machines. Licensed casino operators with slot machines are at a tax disadvantage compared to bookmakers who are now offering roulette as an exciting betting alternative to traditional gaming. While this notion is popular, the Revenue Commissioners Office (RC) is not convinced of the difference. According to a spokesperson, all bookmakers found breaching the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 will be under strict scrutiny by the Department of Justice and Equality. When the RC identifies such cases, the An Garda Siochana will be notified.

That Moment When You Realize the Roulette Ball Has Jacko’s Hair

There are fans that love celebrities and then there is the gambling website Online Gambling Pal. You may have heard about the news already and if you haven’t let us assure you we’re not kidding! It is true. There’s a roulette ball out there which is made up of Michael Jackson’s hair.

roulette ballThe online gambling site bought some of Jacko’s curly locks that were being auctioned off at a charity event and then devised a plan to pay tribute the King of Pop, in a rather unusual way – by turning it into a roulette ball. The things fans do!

Not just for the show – the special roulette ball is for the go too

In its official statement to the press, the gambling website spoke of its adventures in the auction and how it planned to make a roulette ball, as a unique way to immortalise the pop legend. The ball will not just sit there looking pretty. It will be used at roulette tables. Operators of the website promised to match the highest standards of construction while making the ball so that it can be used at any roulette table in any casino.

You know you want to beat it!

The auction was put together by Gotta Have Rock & Roll, an online merchant of memorabilia. The hair was “collected” from the hotel room of Jackson after he stayed at the Carlyle Hotel New York to participate in the charity event. Collected or fished out of the shower drain is anybody’s guess!

The auction, held in the December of 2012 took a thrilling turn when a large number of Jacko fans began bidding for the memorabilia. The auction that started with an initial bid of a $1000, ended with Online Gambling Pal making the winning bid of $10,871.

The website has also invited interested casino owners to contact for permission to use the Michael Jackson roulette ball at their casino tables. Considering just how lucky the King of Pop is for gamblers, what could go wrong when playing with the ball that has been made from his hair?

Spin Palace Winner Nets Life-changing Progressive Jackpot

Microgaming, the world’s largest provider of online gaming software and developer of the first true online casino software more than 15 years ago, announced the largest mobile jackpot win in history. Spin Palace player Gabriel L. won a life-changing £3,744,513 on Microgaming’s iconic Mega Moolah progressive jackpot game, propelling him to some highly coveted ranks.

microgaming-mega-moolah“It is so exciting that a staggering £3.7m has been hit on our HTML5 client,” said Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming. “I am particularly proud of our mobile product as we roll out our new content every month, while currently offering 103 mobile games – the most in the industry. This win will be paid out to Gabriel L. in one single payment so he can enjoy the winnings immediately.”

Microgaming, in providing the software for the world’s largest Progressive Jackpot Network, has paid out over €410 in total, its software also responsible for creation of the world’s first online slot tournament millionaire. Today’s Microgaming operations applies its innovative and reliable software to licenses for over 400 online gaming brands worldwide. Further, the company offers over 600 unique game titles and more than 1,000 game variants in 24 languages across online, land-based and mobile platforms. Its dedication to innovation provides the foundation to consistently deliver award-winning Casino, Poker, Bingo, Live, Progressives and Network Gaming Software to a global audience.

Microgaming is responsible for powering some of the world’s most popular online casinos including Sun Vegas Casino, Maple Casino (Canada-facing) and Ladbrokes. The company’s content is also available on its web-based platform Quickfire, offering what company officials call a “supremely versatile, unique gaming experience for operators and players.”

For more information, call Microgaming at +44 (0)1624 647777 or visit www.microgaming.co.uk.

Things to Consider When Playing Roulette

Roulette is one of the most played games at online casinos. The game brings forth a high entertainment factor that only a few other casino games can claim to do. Although roulette may seem like a difficult game to master, there are a few simple guidelines that can make the game quite easy to follow.

RouletteOne of the most important things to think about is the type of bets you should be making at the roulette table. Many roulette players place their bets on individual numbers, scattering chips all over the table and hoping for good luck. This is exactly how casinos make their money: when roulette players do not understand the odds and house edge’s involved in the game. The first thing you need to realize about roulette is that there is no such thing as good luck. If you are a player who is planning to play roulette regularly, you will quickly find that banking on good luck will often be your downfall. Most players who talk about having good luck are usually episodic players who not play the game regularly.

The first rule to playing roulette is that you should never play American roulette. Here is the first tip on house edges. Because American roulette contains an extra double zero, its house edge will be hiked up considerably. This rule goes hand in hand with another rule that states that you should never bet on the inside layout of the roulette table – that is what ‘good luck’ player usually do. Instead, you should always look to place your bets on the outside beets table layout. Outside bets are bets such as the black/red, odd/even and 1-18/19-36 bets. These bets are also called even bets, although the addition of the zero will give the house its edge. Because these bets contain the smallest house edge, you should always bet on them.

Column bets are other bets considered as good bets by roulette experts. These bets are situated abreast the numbers 34, 35 and 36. The first column contains an even amount of black and red numbers (6 red and 6 black), the second 8 black numbers, and the third 8 red numbers. It is a good idea to combine column bets with black/red even bets. Say that you will be making a bet on red. A good bet would be to combine the bet on red with a column bet abreast the number 36 – this way your chances of getting a high win on both bets will be multiplied as the third column bet will contain more red numbers.

And if you do decide to bet on the inside layout, it is probably a good idea to make combination bets. You can do so by placing bets between numbers. You can place split bets and quarter bets, but be careful on the amount of chips that you place on the inside layout. Your bets should never exceed the amount you will get back if you happen to win.

Is Roulette Winning or Losing?

Roulette gambling chips on the table

Despite the growing popularity of gaming machines all over London and extended efforts to limit their exposure to underage peoples and people with limited incomes, Roulette machines are facing bans by new legislature. There are representatives attempting to make their way into power who would give local councils the power to ban Roulette machines. At this time, players can bet up to 300 pounds a minute at some of these Fixed-Odds wagering units. The people standing opposed to these gaming terminals are making the claim that these games contribute to debt and failing families. These accusations come as this game quickly spreads and gains popularity throughout the region.

A Potential Local Blow

Should the new legislation come to pass, councils in Wales, Scotland, and England would suddenly have the power to ban these vastly popular Roulette machines that have brought in so much income to local establishments. Further arguments against the game claim that they are “addictive for some people.” At this time, there are over 33,000 machines in operation that are owned by big bookmakers in local regions. They are responsible for half of the profits for these owners, earning them roughly 1.5 billion pounds per year.

Not a New Issue

These roulette machines have been in operation since 1999, and this equipment given the same legal framework as fruit machines in 2005 with the Gambling Act. Still, the government is not ruling out putting further restrictions on the stakes and prizes that are available to players, potentially lessening the addictive quality of the games. While nothing is certain for the future of Roulette gaming machines, many local representatives are taking “symbolic” action to limit the access to Roulette gaming in support of the potential ban.

Roulette’s Presence in the Movies


Roulette is one of the best known and most popular of casino games. Perhaps motion pictures are partly responsible for glamorizing the game. But roulette isn’t always depicted as glamorous. Read on for a few notable movies which have featured the roulette wheel.


This is one of the earliest films to feature the roulette wheel. It is also one of the best known. But roulette isn’t exactly romanticized in this film. That is because the wheel in Rick’s Café Americain is rigged, and Rick, the owner of the café, throws a couple of rounds in order to help a young couple who are down on their luck. Humphrey Bogart starred as Rick.

The Sting

This is another very well known movie, and the roulette wheel is fixed in this one, too. But this time, it’s rigged to take the outrageous bet placed by a young grifter named Johnny Hooker. Robert Redford famously played Johnny Hooker.

Casino Royale

This is a 1967 James Bond movie which was remade in 2006. The original is a spoof of the James Bond films, while the remake takes on the serious tone of Ian Fleming’s novel. In both of these movies, the roulette wheel is portrayed as a more glamorous game. In the original, David Niven was James Bond, while in the remake, Bond was played by Daniel Craig.

Ocean’s Eleven

This entire trilogy boasts glamorous settings, and the roulette wheel is included. It should come as no surprise that a series of movies showcasing The Rat Pack would also include gambling.

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Roulette is very vital to this western comedy. When a con artist gets wiped out at the wheel, he decides to create a plan that will help him win his money back. James Garner had the starring role of Latigo Smith.


This movie is about a struggling writer named Jack Manfred who takes a job as a croupier to help pay the bills. But his life starts to unravel as he slowly becomes addicted to the casino lifestyle. Roulette is prominent in this film. Clive Owen starred as the croupier.

Of course, roulette has been in plenty of other movies as well, but this is a fairly noteworthy list.

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