Roulette’s Presence in the Movies


Roulette is one of the best known and most popular of casino games. Perhaps motion pictures are partly responsible for glamorizing the game. But roulette isn’t always depicted as glamorous. Read on for a few notable movies which have featured the roulette wheel.


This is one of the earliest films to feature the roulette wheel. It is also one of the best known. But roulette isn’t exactly romanticized in this film. That is because the wheel in Rick’s Café Americain is rigged, and Rick, the owner of the café, throws a couple of rounds in order to help a young couple who are down on their luck. Humphrey Bogart starred as Rick.

The Sting

This is another very well known movie, and the roulette wheel is fixed in this one, too. But this time, it’s rigged to take the outrageous bet placed by a young grifter named Johnny Hooker. Robert Redford famously played Johnny Hooker.

Casino Royale

This is a 1967 James Bond movie which was remade in 2006. The original is a spoof of the James Bond films, while the remake takes on the serious tone of Ian Fleming’s novel. In both of these movies, the roulette wheel is portrayed as a more glamorous game. In the original, David Niven was James Bond, while in the remake, Bond was played by Daniel Craig.

Ocean’s Eleven

This entire trilogy boasts glamorous settings, and the roulette wheel is included. It should come as no surprise that a series of movies showcasing The Rat Pack would also include gambling.

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Roulette is very vital to this western comedy. When a con artist gets wiped out at the wheel, he decides to create a plan that will help him win his money back. James Garner had the starring role of Latigo Smith.


This movie is about a struggling writer named Jack Manfred who takes a job as a croupier to help pay the bills. But his life starts to unravel as he slowly becomes addicted to the casino lifestyle. Roulette is prominent in this film. Clive Owen starred as the croupier.

Of course, roulette has been in plenty of other movies as well, but this is a fairly noteworthy list.

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Author: Raoul